As part of the road that brought this book into being I sent it out to selected readers and critics for their view, pre-publication.

These are their Testimonials:

“Maurice Watts is an interesting and complex person whose feelings and sensual nature run deep. He is a loyal friend who will fight for you in life's battles. In this book you will find many aspects of Maurice's character, some open to view, some hidden in complexity. Whether you know Maurice or not, this book will give you pause to think and in the seventeen syllables of each Haiku you will recognise and experience some of the wide range of emotions that life throws at us through our journey of discovery.”
- Yvonne King

“Lovely, Maurice”
Gayle Joubert

"Haiku from a Celtic Heart conjures up wondrous images. Reading it should create a state of contemplation and tranquillity in any reader."
Ellis Pratt

“Haiku- from a Celtic heart - The overall experience was unexpectedly soothing, tender and pleasing. I feel better and enriched for having shared the haiku. I Wish you every success.”
Maureen Guichard-Perrin

“Brilliant! I can't wait for the first copy”
Jan Bull

“I have to tell you how much I like ‘Haiku from a Celtic Heart’ and the offer for a signed first edition stands! Janet wants to buy a copy for one of her friends for a present. and she loves the illustrations!”
Bob Moakes & Janet Parrish

“Many thanks for sharing this with me Maurice, viewed once, read once, again and, for the third time, read again and I have to admit to have been left wanting much more, a second edition perhaps. The images do add another dimension that I would have missed had they not been there.”
Andrew Charles

“This is great - you have turned the corner, and come through into a world you have created. It is good stuff, inspired, the overall impression is highly favourable. It was YOUR process that got this all together, so it is all good.”
- Marcus Incledon-Webber